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Shipping and Return Policy


In the USA, all sculptures will be shipped using UPS Ground Service. For international orders the packages will be sent using USPS Priority International Mail service. I'll do my best to have your sculpture in the mail for you as soon as possible. I need about six to twelve days for building it, depending on the item. Also, you will receive pictures of it as soon as completed.

I do not accept returns, however, if you are unsatisfied with your sculpture for any reason, send it back to me within five days of receiving it and I will exchange it for another one. I am willing to exchange your sculpture only one time. You will have to explain specifically what you do not like and what way should I correct this sculpture of yours or the newly built item to your liking. For the shipping expenses of the exchange, you shall be responsible. Please make sure you save the original box that the item arrived in and pack it up the same safe way as I did when it was sent out to you.

Please make sure that you insure the package, since I can not take responsibility for damages that the sculpture might have suffered from mishandling during the shipping.

I do care a lot about getting the sculpture out to you and of course in a perfect shape. It is carefully dusted and inspected by myself... however there are little imperfections, small dust specks in the lacquer or tiny droplets from the "spitting" spray gun. These are some of the things that are out of my (or anybody's ) control. Sometimes the material leaves the factory with small dents and marks, where I do my best to fix it up... all these are no worse than what you could see on any artwork even at a museum. As you will see, I go out of my way to pack your sculpture up for you safely. If the box has no signs of damage when you received it, then the art work was not damaged either. I will not take responsibility for any damage that happens to the sculpture after it was removed from the box. Recently one of the customers who purchased my work through an art gallery claimed that the box was not damaged, yet they had already cut it up and thrown it out, before they realized a few days later that the corner of the plate was curled up about one inch diagonally... Therefore, guess who is at fault? Of course me!!! I have vinyl flooring at my shop, yet the corner was roughly gauged by either a stone, or a rough cement floor. I think you get the message. Please be careful handling these plates, do not drop them if possible. Of course if it happens, I will do my best to repair it. Yet there will be a fair charge (not based on profit) and you have to cover the shipping expenses. Also, please make sure that you are using some kind of anchor screws, (you can buy them at any hardware store) to hang the sculpture. A small nail, especially in a plaster board wall might get loose, and the sculpture could fall off...Guess I bored you long enough, thank you very much for supporting the arts...:)


Alex Kovacs


If you would like to make some changes to any of my items, please contact me. You could order them in specific dimensions and arrangements, or have them in different colors. I can custom paint your sculpture to just about any shades of the rainbow's spectrum.
Due to the fact that I build these sculptures by free hand, not two of them will look exactly the same. However I'll try to do my best to "clone" it for you when you place an order for an item. One thing is for sure...you will get a sculpture that will be as nice, if not nicer than the one you selected. Once I completed your sculpture, I'll send photographs to you for your approval.
Custom work is available, simply inform me of the subject or a design that you have in mind.
Sincerely, Alex Kovacs

Shipping and Return Policy