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About the Sculptures

If you want to have a unique experience and would like to see the origin of most of the aluminum sculptures you can find on the internet nowadays, browse this store! The most beautiful and largest selection of different original designs of aluminum art in the world!!! Also, I'm proud of the fact that I'm the most widely copied artist in the history of aluminum sculptures!!! Yes, my work is the best abstract aluminum art you have ever seen, second to no one on this planet, and getting better all the time! The sculptures in my displays are original work by me, which means that I invented and developed this style of metal art. The unique look of the light-reflecting grinded colored shape-patterns of the plates and yes, the use of the special anodized transparent colors in it. Also, the added geometrical or free form cut-out shapes to the background plates. Actually, I developed most of these kinds of sculpture art in the sixties! I introduced this style in 2006. Back then one could see only dull looking, without color, plain aluminum plates mostly, passed on as "artwork!" Also, some squares and triangles glued to each other to be hung on the wall. All of these so called "artists" started to mount shapes on background plates and added color after they saw me doing it. Well folks, if I did not tell, you would not know.

The style of my wall sculptures are unique in the sense that I mounted my silhouette-like freehand drawn and cut designs or geometrical shapes on either painted wood, fiber board, or on polished aluminum plates, and again, yes, I invented these kinds of sculptures about forty years ago! Nobody on this planet has done anything even close to it until I introduced my work on the internet. These days just about everybody on the auctions, Art sites or private web pages are "borrowing" my designs. All one has to do is to search the Asian wholesale metal art market to find the likeness of my work listed thousands fold!

Lets not forget about my garden or tabletop sculptures either. Back as early as 1968 one could see me display these kinds of six foot tall free standing sculptures by myself, at the art exhibits I used to attend to.

Now, as for this colored transparent look on the metal.

I was also the first person on earth to introduce this transparent anodized color enamel in 2006 to aluminum, or steel art, free standing sculptures of any kind, or may it be a wall sculpture with the background plates, as a signature style, I started to mix the silver looking aluminum with the colored shapes! (You see copies all over the place nowadays.) When I started to make these new kinds of sculptures, I named it "Rainbow Art", truly a unique style, just about every one jumped on my wagon, which is just as flattering as it is frustrating! Face it folks, I single handedly "sprinkled" the aluminum sculpture art with colors, worldwide.

The bottom line is that I'm very proud of this unique form of fine art that you see at my store. Also, of the fact that artists all over the world get inspired and duplicate my style and designs, for which they have accessibility through the photographs of my work. So even if you search worldwide, you could not find anything nicer than these sculptures in this category!!! If you do, it is still my work, it does not matter to me who made it.

If you would like to make some changes to any of my items, please contact me. You could order them in specific dimensions and arrangements, or have them in different colors. I can custom paint your sculpture to just about any shades of the rainbow's spectrum.
Due to the fact that I build these sculptures by free hand, not two of them will look exactly the same. However I'll try to do my best to "clone" it for you when you place an order for an item. One thing is for sure...you will get a sculpture that will be as nice, if not nicer than the one you selected. Once I completed your sculpture, I'll send photographs to you for your approval.
Custom work is available, simply inform me of the subject or a design that you have in mind.
Sincerely, Alex Kovacs

About the Sculptures