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Rainbow Art Metal Clock by Alex - W164

Rainbow Art Metal Clock by Alex - W164

Rainbow Art Metal Clock by Alex - W164
Rainbow Art Metal Clock by Alex - W164
Rainbow Art Metal Clock by Alex - W164
Item #:W164

Rainbow Art Metal Clock, Metal Sculpture by Alex Kovacs.


Availability: Some of my sculptures I have in stock and others are made to order. Either way, it will ship out in 1 to 2 weeks.

My sculptures are made of the highest grade industrial aluminum available. This sculpture is not a machine shop made mass produced item. Each sculpture is original, exclusively designed and hand made by me, Alex Kovacs. The quality of my work exceeds anything you can find anywhere in the world, when it comes to this kind of metal art.

The transparent anodized enamel that I use is specially developed for aluminum. The colors are protected by the "lacquer" coating that is actually urethane, blocks out the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. The hangers and the spacers are hand fabricated from aluminum also and designed to line up the plates accurately for the multi panel wall sculptures.

The "swirling" designs are hand grinded into the metal. My famous "holographic" effects that I developed in 2006 and perfected in color in this metal art form, comes to life at any light source one can imagine of, no matter how weak this light source is. This is a main feature in my work that is so often duplicated worldwide. Just about all metal artists who have decided to hijacked my style, my designs and technique, are trying to profit from this popular "merchandise".

If this sculpture is available, I'll send it on its way the next day after it is purchased and paid for. If it is sold already and you like to have one, I will make it up for you. If you need any changes done to it, let me know. I could not possibly "clone" it the exact same way again, due to the fact that I make them freehand. However it is safe to say, that the one you will get will be even nicer than the sculpture in this listing, due to that I am getting better at it as the time flies by. The average sculpture takes about ten days to complete before it is in the mail, which also includes the drying time.

You can feel safe and secure when purchasing my work, for the past 46 years or so I had only satisfied customers. Also, PayPal has a 100% money return policy to protect you from wrong doings and is the safest money transfer institution available worldwide.

For your custom needs, please contact me.


Alex Kovacs

If you would like to make some changes to any of my items, please contact me. You could order them in specific dimensions and arrangements, or have them in different colors. I can custom paint your sculpture to just about any shades of the rainbow's spectrum.
Due to the fact that I build these sculptures by free hand, not two of them will look exactly the same. However I'll try to do my best to "clone" it for you when you place an order for an item. One thing is for sure...you will get a sculpture that will be as nice, if not nicer than the one you selected. Once I completed your sculpture, I'll send photographs to you for your approval.
Custom work is available, simply inform me of the subject or a design that you have in mind.
Sincerely, Alex Kovacs

Rainbow Art Metal Clock by Alex - W164