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Direct from the Artist Alex Kovacs


Original Metal Wall Art Sculpture, Design by Alex Kovacs
Gibson Guitar Metal Wall Art Sculpture, Design by Alex Kovacs - A206
Fine Art Metal Rainbow Sculpture
Multi-Panel Metal Wall Sculpture
Fine Art Ship Metal Sculpture, Design by Alex Kovacs
Rainbow Art Metal Sculpture
Modern Metal Sculpture
Metal Horse Sculpture, Racetrack Horse Art, Design by Alex Kovacs
Metal Violin Sculpture Wall Art, Design by Alex Kovacs
Metal Wall Decor, Butterfly Art Sculpture
Contemporary Metal Wall Decor by Alex Kovacs
Metal Garden Sculpture, "Fire Bird"
Original Metal Sculpture by Alex Kovacs
Metal Wall Art Designed by Alex Kovacs
Modern Multi-Panel Painting on Metal Wall Decor
Abstract Metal Sculpture Designed by Alex Kovacs
Rainbow Butterfly Abstract Metal Wall Art
Modern Sculpture Sunshine Bird of Paradise Metal Wall Art
Abstract Art Painting on Metal by Wilmos Kovacs
Original Metal Sculpture by Alex Kovacs
Metal Floral Art Painted Table Sculpture, Flowers Sculpture
Wilmos Kovacs - Metal Art In-Outdoor Metal Sculpture Modern Abstract Décor - W939
Wilmos Kovacs - Modern Abstract In-Outdoor Metal Sculpture Rainbow Art Décor - W899
Wilmos Kovacs - Original Metal Wall Sculpture Abstract Home Decor Painting - W924
Wilmos Kovacs - Abstract Metal Sculpture Rainbow Butterfly Wall Art Decor - W923
Wilmos Kovacs - Abstract Painting on Metal Sculpture Rainbow Wall Art Decor - W856A
Wilmos Kovacs - Modern Abstract In-Outdoor Metal Sculpture Rainbow Art Décor - W901
Alex Kovacs is a noted New York Artist whose creations are the most frequently copied objects in the history of the development of the metal arts. His unique rainbow art style metal sculptures are easily recognized by their distinguished look you can see so often imitated by others, either on eBay or anywhere else on the web.

If you would like to know more about the artist, then please read the "About Me" section on this website where you can find details about him and his artwork.

Most of his sculptures could be marked up in the range of thousands of dollars in any upscale art gallery.

Here on this website, you will find them at a reasonable price, not much higher than art galleries or art dealers pay for his work wholesale!

Alex's metal sculptures are made of the highest grade industrial aluminum available, and are coated with automotive lacquer that blocks out the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. With this protection, the brilliant colors of his sculptures will not be affected by the elements. The hangers and the spacers are hand fabricated of aluminum also, and designed to line up the plates accurately on the multi panel wall sculptures.

The "swirling" designs are grinded into the aluminum and colored with anodized enamel that was developed strictly for this metal. His famous "holographic" effects that Alex experimented with and perfected in color on aluminum, come to life at any light source one can imagine of. This is a main feature in his work that is so captivating and was introduced to the art world in 2006. These days you can find just about all metal “artists” riding on his band wagon!

Alex Kovacs is also known for being the only artist ever to use a twelve foot black powder cannon to shoot his paint onto his canvases, and create large abstract art in this manner back in the seventies. You can see some photographs of it on his other website:

To find a unique selection of high quality metal wall art, abstract sculptures, metal wall sculptures, contemporary wall sculptures, outdoor sculptures and garden sculptures, as well as wall clocks and mantel clocks, please click on the appropriate category button to enter the incredible "Metal Sculpture Land of Alex Kovacs."

If you would like to make some changes to any of my items, please contact me. You could order them in specific dimensions and arrangements, or have them in different colors. I can custom paint your sculpture to just about any shades of the rainbow's spectrum.
Due to the fact that I build these sculptures by free hand, not two of them will look exactly the same. However I'll try to do my best to "clone" it for you when you place an order for an item. One thing is for will get a sculpture that will be as nice, if not nicer than the one you selected. Once I completed your sculpture, I'll send photographs to you for your approval.
Custom work is available, simply inform me of the subject or a design that you have in mind.
Sincerely, Alex Kovacs